Saturday, 28 January 2017

Spread The Love This Valentines Day!

The Christmas and New Years rush is now behind us, so it's time to look forward and prepare for one of the busiest food service days of the year, Valentine's Day. To get the most out of the season of love we've come up with some top tips and products to maximize revenue and make sure you're ahead of the game.

The Atmosphere: Ambience is key, adding a warm glow at the entrance with large pillar candles can be just the thing to invite people through the door. Never understimate the use of candles to carry the mood through your establishment, with a candle such as a lowboy or relight on every table. Teamed with low lighting and relaxing music, the right atmosphere will only encourage that extra bottle of wine or digestif order.

The Food: Focus on simple upselling opportunities for your customers including tasting menus, a wine accompaniment for each dish or sharing boards. They can help create that romantic element your diners are looking for or act as ice breakers for first daters! The romantic couple will want to impress on this occasion, so their chances of agreeing to additional courses and added extras is far higher. Make sure your side dish game is strong, it is these extras which will maximize your profitability over this day!
These don't have to be limited to dinner service either, try fondue or breakfast or a selection of your best pastries for brunch. We stock a wide range of charcuterie boards, serving dishes and cake stands so you can serve in style.

The Drinks: A unique and appealing drink that is themed for the occasion is a welcome addition to any drinks menu. Valentines day is the perfect time to create unique and loving cocktails to spread the love, bearing in mind that the rise in non-drinkers is increasing so be just as creative with your boozeless masterpieces too!

From strawberries to white chocolate there are a number of ingredients including our range of ODK creams and mixers to help create the perfect cocktail. By adding some of these ingredients to your pallet, along with the right cocktail glassware to can be assured to create that intimate and romantic atmosphere. Be imaginative and get those romantic couples craving for more!

Diners will also be looking to impress so fine wines and champagnes are a must! It's a great way of increasing customer spend and can be served from brunch right through to late dinner. Our nucleated flutes and saucers are perfect for keeping those bubbles rising!

For any product queries get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist, email or call 0330 123 9191, alternatively visit our website to see our full range.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Opening & Delivery Information!

Make sure you don't miss out over the Festive Season and stay up to date with our opening and delivery times! For any further information please contact our sales team on 
0330 123 9191 03 email where they will be happy to assist.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Klaremont HQ!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas With Our Top Festive Picks!

The Christmas lights have officially been switched on and the festive cheer is spreading! Being prepared is essential for your establishment, and we've got you covered to ensure a smooth running during the festive season!

Embrace the seasonal spirit and make sure your establishment stands out above the rest! Simple decorative additions to your table such as Christmas napkins and crackers are perfect for setting your celebrations off with a bang! Our Red and Green Stars crackers are a great accessory for your table, filled with fun treats to keep guests entertained!
Experimenting with a festive menu? Why not warm the senses with the unmistakable scent of Christmas. Our mulled wine and cider kettle not only look great if displayed on your bar or countertop, it is also incredibly practical. With a 10L capacity and 12 temperature controls the kettle is designed to keep liquids warmer for longer. It also works great for soups and other hot drinks meaning it can be used throughout the year. We also offer a wide range of fully tempered glassware, great for serving up your winter cocktails.

Tis the season for bubbles! Make sure you get the most out of your sparkling wines whether it be thanksgiving, Christmas celebrations or toasting in the New Year! Our range of celebration glassware includes a collection of nucleated flutes, allowing bubbles to form and rise upwards whilst also helping to preserve carbonation.

Setting the right atmosphere can be key on capitalizing on the festive season. Simple lighting changes with the use of candles can create a warm and cosy environment that can entice customers through your door. If you're hosting Christmas parties or a New Years bash the addition of party poppers and dessert fountains can add sparkle to any occasion!

To find out more about any of our Seasonal picks get in touch with a member of our expert sales team on 0330 123 9191 or email Alternatively visit our festive shop on the website by clicking here.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Top Picks For A Haunting Halloween!

The leaves are falling and with cooler climes turning a head it's time to take the party back inside - kicking off with All Hallows' Eve! With Halloween being celebrated as much as our friends across the pond, more and more venues and establishments are utilizing the event with special menus and events. Whether you're looking to incorporate spooky themes into your daily service or have a full on frightfest lined up, we have products that can be easily interchanged and carry you from season to season.

Our Relight candles provide the perfect mood lighting solution, combining style with ease of use allowing you to quickly change the ambience of your establishment, by changing the colours of your candles to a theme or season. We particularly recommend our orange and grey relight colors and holders or cityscape and chandelier moods for a haunted house vibe. With a 24 hour burn time these candles are perfect for Halloween and can be easily interchanged to a different color or mood more seasonal once it is over.

If you are looking to create a dimly lit eerie glow to your venue try our dinner and pillar candles, complete with one of our candle holders.

Our copper and gunmetal barware collection can add a stylish and subtly spooky theme behind your bar. The versatility and sophistication of the copper and gunmetal pieces means they will carry you through season to season. 

If you're looking for the WOW factor with your cocktail menu - themed or not - our tiki glasses are sure to add to a creepy edge! From our skull cocktail glass and shot glasses to shrink head tiki mugs there's everything to compliment all of your best potions!

Our Ironstone tableware is the perfect choice for a winter menu complimenting you through the Halloween season too! The dark and reactive glaze ensures every piece is unique whilst the elegance and rustic quality makes these pieces the ideal choice for all restaurants whether it be fine dining or comfort food.

To find out any more about our top Halloween picks visit our website or get in touch with a member of our expert sales team on 0330 123 9191 or email

Thursday, 29 September 2016

The New 'It' Glass

It's clear to see that the popularity of Gin sales show little sign of drying up anytime soon! With Big Hospitality reporting that 'sales of the spirit broke the £1bn barrier six months earlier than predicted'!

Not only is it taking up more room on menus and in cocktails, bars are becoming dedicated to the spirit and it's even finding its way into our food!

To follow in this booming trend our Juniper Gin Cocktail Glass is an absolute must behind any bar, providing the perfect addition to any glassware collection. Whether you're serving a simple G&T or your finest gin cocktail the Juniper Gin Cocktail Glass will compliment.

The large balloon shaped bowl makes sure you get the most out of the botanicals in the gin, whilst allowing plenty of room for ice, tonics, mixers, fruits and garnishes! The long stem prevents hot hands touching the glass, also providing a comfortable hold.

This elegant and stylish glass is the ultimate must have for any cocktail bar, restaurant, hotel or club; for bartenders and mixologists to show off their finest creations! 

To find out more about the new 'it' glass visit our website at or speak to a member of our expert sales team at or on 0330 123 9191.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Brand New Kitchen Equipment!!

We are very excited to announce that our brand new line of heavy kitchen equipment has arrived at Klaremont HQ. From ovens to ice makers, along with our light equipment range we've got all of your kitchen needs covered!

Our brand new heavy equipment range includes top brands such as Robot Coupe, Rational, Maidaid and Hoshizaki. Our machines come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for small kitchens in cafes to large busy kitchens in restaurants and hotels.

But why choose commercial equipment over domestic equipment we hear you ask! Even for smaller kitchens you want to make sure that everything from your kitchen knife to microwave is going to last and withstand a continuous flow of use and larger orders. Our commercial equipment is designed with durability and a service environment in mind, and products are manufactured with a range of features to suit any kitchen.

Items from our lighter equipment range from Genware, such as our Giesser knives, are renowned for being made from the highest quality materials; known for their strength, retention of sharpness and reliability.

Products from the heavy equipment range such as ovens and fridges are designed to ensure your food is stored and cooked to preserve flavors and perfectly prepare for service.
Our ovens such as the cooking centers from Rational are manufactured with such sophistication to take the hassle out of cooking food to perfection. It determines cooking time based on weight of the load, load quantity and the consistency of the food, also taking into consideration your usual cooking timings on how other produce is cooked, to make sure the end result is nothing less than perfect!

Our selection of refrigerators and cooling machines are fitted with much more powerful compressors and fans than a domestic fridge. This means your produce will stay fresh and flavors preserved despite it being opened and shut more frequently, avoiding food being spoiled.

Ultimately, investing in the right equipment for your kitchen will be much more cost effective and ensure a smooth running of your kitchen!

Download our brand new brochure, visit our website or speak to a member of our friendly sales team to find out more about our heavy and light kitchen equipment.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Top Picks For A Carefree Carnival!

There's no doubt about it, carnival season is officially here, whether your celebrating the Rio Olympics or preparing for Notting Hill Carnival.

Our Tiki cocktail range varies from shot glasses to sharing bowls, providing the perfect alternative to serving your best drinks, especially if you've adopted a special Carnival themed menu!

Take home the gold, silver or bronze with our coated barware - available in gold, copper or gunmetal with a wide stainless steel range too!

Looking to add a little fiesta to your bar? No problemo! Our rainbow barware is sure to inject the fun into your cocktail preparation! For rainbow coated mixers, strainers and jiggers please speak to a member of our sales team.

With a high turn around and large footfall expected during the carnival, take the stress out of looking after your glassware and switch to a temporary alternative. From cut glass polycarbonates to throw away flexi cups our plastic drinkware requires little effort and will save money on breakages providing a safe, reliable and sophisticated option.

Choose from our flexi-glasses or...

crystal clear polycarbonates

Who knew something as simple as a straw could put the finishing touch to your finest cocktails?! From sip straws to novelty and striped straws with colors to match your venues branding, the possibilities are endless! Don't forget to check out the rest of our disposables range varying from picks and stirrers to napkins and cutlery!

Want to have the ultimate edge over your competitors? Look no further - take your branding all the way to your customers drink with our branded ice stamps - read more here or speak to a member of our sales team to find out more!

To view our full range of items visit our website at or get in touch with a member of our sales team on 0330 123 9191 or email

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Brand New Bespoke Ice Stamps!!

Branded items are increasingly popular as a marketing tool for bars, restaurants and hotels as a great way to promote your brand or message to meet your business' concept. From glassware to sauce bottles we are able to brand a variety of items, but have you ever thought about your ice?!

Our brand new Ice Stamp is a simple, revolutionary way of branding your ice to make your drinks even more impressive!

The Ice Stamp works at room temperature on cold press function so there is no need for heating, simply pick up, hold against the ice for a couple of seconds, remove and serve!

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes from eclipses to squares you can choose the right shape and size for your logo or message to personalize your ice cubes, blocks and spheres.

Simply submit your required graphics & shipping address to to and we will get back to you with graphic options and exact quotation, or give us a call on 0330 123 9191 to speak to a member of our sales team to find out more! You can also book a demonstration to see for yourself how the ice stamp works!

 Don't forget to visit our website either to view our entire ice equipment range and discover more about product branding -

Monday, 27 June 2016

The New Brochure Is Here!

Our brand spanking new brochure is here and we want you all to see it! The fully comprehensive catalogue features a wide range of products across all of our top categories, from Barware and Glassware to Kitchen and Hygiene and Tableware to Tabletop, we're sure to have your establishment covered in both front and back of house to make sure you're well stocked and service runs smoothly!

Showcasing not only some classic favorites, we're very excited to introduce new lines such as our bespoke ice stamps and heavy kitchenware! Make sure to get in touch with a member of our sales team to find out more about any of these products!

To mark the momentous brochure launch we teamed up with ODK mixers to throw a big party to celebrate! Our suppliers and customers alike joined us at our re-vamped showroom at Klaremont HQ to get their hands on the new brochure, enjoyed a bbq and snacks and sipped on cocktails created by none other than Tom Dyer himself, specially mixed for us using the new ODK syrups and mixers line!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came down and made the launch a success! If you couldn't make it this time, never fear we will keep you posted on our next demo evening! In the meantime please feel free to book an appointment with one of our expert sales team and they can show you around our showroom and go through the brochure with you. Alternatively visit our website to view all of our ranges and download a copy of our new catalogue.