Thursday 29 September 2016

The New 'It' Glass

It's clear to see that the popularity of Gin sales show little sign of drying up anytime soon! With Big Hospitality reporting that 'sales of the spirit broke the £1bn barrier six months earlier than predicted'!

Not only is it taking up more room on menus and in cocktails, bars are becoming dedicated to the spirit and it's even finding its way into our food!

To follow in this booming trend our Juniper Gin Cocktail Glass is an absolute must behind any bar, providing the perfect addition to any glassware collection. Whether you're serving a simple G&T or your finest gin cocktail the Juniper Gin Cocktail Glass will compliment.

The large balloon shaped bowl makes sure you get the most out of the botanicals in the gin, whilst allowing plenty of room for ice, tonics, mixers, fruits and garnishes! The long stem prevents hot hands touching the glass, also providing a comfortable hold.

This elegant and stylish glass is the ultimate must have for any cocktail bar, restaurant, hotel or club; for bartenders and mixologists to show off their finest creations! 

To find out more about the new 'it' glass visit our website at or speak to a member of our expert sales team at or on 0330 123 9191.

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