Saturday 28 January 2017

Spread The Love This Valentines Day!

The Christmas and New Years rush is now behind us, so it's time to look forward and prepare for one of the busiest food service days of the year, Valentine's Day. To get the most out of the season of love we've come up with some top tips and products to maximize revenue and make sure you're ahead of the game.

The Atmosphere: Ambience is key, adding a warm glow at the entrance with large pillar candles can be just the thing to invite people through the door. Never understimate the use of candles to carry the mood through your establishment, with a candle such as a lowboy or relight on every table. Teamed with low lighting and relaxing music, the right atmosphere will only encourage that extra bottle of wine or digestif order.

The Food: Focus on simple upselling opportunities for your customers including tasting menus, a wine accompaniment for each dish or sharing boards. They can help create that romantic element your diners are looking for or act as ice breakers for first daters! The romantic couple will want to impress on this occasion, so their chances of agreeing to additional courses and added extras is far higher. Make sure your side dish game is strong, it is these extras which will maximize your profitability over this day!
These don't have to be limited to dinner service either, try fondue or breakfast or a selection of your best pastries for brunch. We stock a wide range of charcuterie boards, serving dishes and cake stands so you can serve in style.

The Drinks: A unique and appealing drink that is themed for the occasion is a welcome addition to any drinks menu. Valentines day is the perfect time to create unique and loving cocktails to spread the love, bearing in mind that the rise in non-drinkers is increasing so be just as creative with your boozeless masterpieces too!

From strawberries to white chocolate there are a number of ingredients including our range of ODK creams and mixers to help create the perfect cocktail. By adding some of these ingredients to your pallet, along with the right cocktail glassware to can be assured to create that intimate and romantic atmosphere. Be imaginative and get those romantic couples craving for more!

Diners will also be looking to impress so fine wines and champagnes are a must! It's a great way of increasing customer spend and can be served from brunch right through to late dinner. Our nucleated flutes and saucers are perfect for keeping those bubbles rising!

For any product queries get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist, email or call 0330 123 9191, alternatively visit our website to see our full range.

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