Friday 26 August 2016

Brand New Kitchen Equipment!!

We are very excited to announce that our brand new line of heavy kitchen equipment has arrived at Klaremont HQ. From ovens to ice makers, along with our light equipment range we've got all of your kitchen needs covered!

Our brand new heavy equipment range includes top brands such as Robot Coupe, Rational, Maidaid and Hoshizaki. Our machines come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for small kitchens in cafes to large busy kitchens in restaurants and hotels.

But why choose commercial equipment over domestic equipment we hear you ask! Even for smaller kitchens you want to make sure that everything from your kitchen knife to microwave is going to last and withstand a continuous flow of use and larger orders. Our commercial equipment is designed with durability and a service environment in mind, and products are manufactured with a range of features to suit any kitchen.

Items from our lighter equipment range from Genware, such as our Giesser knives, are renowned for being made from the highest quality materials; known for their strength, retention of sharpness and reliability.

Products from the heavy equipment range such as ovens and fridges are designed to ensure your food is stored and cooked to preserve flavors and perfectly prepare for service.
Our ovens such as the cooking centers from Rational are manufactured with such sophistication to take the hassle out of cooking food to perfection. It determines cooking time based on weight of the load, load quantity and the consistency of the food, also taking into consideration your usual cooking timings on how other produce is cooked, to make sure the end result is nothing less than perfect!

Our selection of refrigerators and cooling machines are fitted with much more powerful compressors and fans than a domestic fridge. This means your produce will stay fresh and flavors preserved despite it being opened and shut more frequently, avoiding food being spoiled.

Ultimately, investing in the right equipment for your kitchen will be much more cost effective and ensure a smooth running of your kitchen!

Download our brand new brochure, visit our website or speak to a member of our friendly sales team to find out more about our heavy and light kitchen equipment.

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