Tuesday 9 February 2016

Top Tips for Valentine's Day

With Christmas long gone and Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to prepare for one of the busiest food service days of the year. Never fear though! Follow our top tips from creating the perfect setting, to enhancing your food and drink offerings to maximize revenue and ensure a smooth running.

The Drinks: This is a perfect time to whip up some of your finest cocktails adding unique, themed drinks specific for the day. It's important to cater for everyone, so be just as inventive with your booze-less creations too! Moreover Valentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate love, so why not try and incorporate that into your drinks menu. There are a range of ingredients worth considering, red strawberries which traditionally have come to represent passion, pink grape adds the perfect amount of sweetness and white chocolate keeps the mood light, flirty, and sweet. By adding some of those ingredients to your pallet you can be assured to create that intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Diners will also be looking to impress so fine wines and champagne are a must! It's a great way of increasing customer spend and can be served from brunch right through to late dinner. Our nucleated flutes are perfect for keeping the bubbles bubbling!

The Food: Taster menus and sharing boards are a great addition to any Valentine's day menu. They can help create that romantic element your diners are looking for (we've all seen the Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene!) or act as an ice breaker for first daters! Sharing boards and taster menus don't need to be limited to dinner either, try fondue for breakfast or a selection of your best pastries for brunch. We have a range of charcuterie boards, serving dishes and cake stands so you can serve in style.

The Atmosphere: Ambience is key, adding a warm glow at the entrance with large pillar candles or filament bulbs can be just the thing to get people through your door. Remember to carry the mood through your establishment with low lighting and a candle on every table - creating the right environment can encourage that extra bottle of wine or digestif order!

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