Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Bar Book

Download the new Bar Book from Klaremont

We released the Bar Book at the start of the year, and it has been an unqualified success with our customers, and something we are very proud of. Featuring many of our favourite barware items, from shakers to mixing spoons, and even some handpicked cocktail glasses, the Bar Book (download here) showcases a selection of everything that is hot right now. 

The Bar Book has everything you are going to need, but what do we especially like? Well, the Tiki range of drinkware has certainly captured the imagination, while our exclusive ranges of Pewter and Copper plated bar items including Cans and Mixing Spoons, bring that extra touch of individuality and class so sought after by our customers. And last but certainly not least, sales of the Yarai Mixing Glass, an item crossing over from cult to classic status have rocketed, which is very pleasing as we love them too. 

Our sales maestro Dylan Peters gives us his take: 

‘’We are in the middle of a renaissance of trends related to the speakeasy prohibition era, and our customers are often choosing classic cocktail glassware over more modern styles. They are also picking out more unique and bespoke items to differentiate themselves in the competitive environment today, such as the amazing Copper champagne bucket. Not cheap, but worth every penny and sets the bar at another level. We also notice a wider variety of glassware being matched to individual drinks, rather than the standard hiball or martini glasses. Its really about the small touches setting you apart from the competition, and a greater attention to detail in the presentation of each drink served.’’

Remember, we couldnt squeeze everything in between the covers, so for even more of our extensive range, go to klaremont.com/barware and also check out klaremont.com/drinkware

You can find all the items talked about in the following links:

  1. Copper Champagne Bucket
  2. Tiki Range
  3. Yarai Mixing Glass
  4. Pewter Range
  5. Stripey Straws
Download the new Bar Book from Klaremont

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