Thursday 18 April 2013

Our Top 5 Free Flow Pourers

1)  The American Pourer.  If you are free pouring, there is only really one option, and that is the American pourer, which offers the consistent flow rate that is vital for stock control. Over to Jimmy Greenleigh at the Graffiti Bar for more of what makes this pourer so special.

“The American pourers are easily the most consistent and reliable of the pour spouts available in the market.  The slightly thicker metal of the pourer makes them more resistant to damage for the flair-heads out there, while the reliable consistency of the pour spouts gauge makes them supremely accurate for free pouring bars like ours.  The poly cork is firmer than most, which makes it a better fit in 99% of bottles and it's a lot less likely to fall out.  The more durable poly cork also means that loose fitting older spouts can be remedied by soaking in hot (but not boiling) water to expand the fins, so the extra cost is easily covered by their longevity. Finally, they are easy to take apart and clean, so the neat freaks like me don't have to live with sticky spouts”.

2)  The Klaremont PourerFor less busy bars where measures are always used, a more economical choice is viable. We feel, having gone through thousands of contenders, that this pourer is the best for this situation.   The cork is firm without being brittle, and the flow rate is fairly consistent.  A great choice for many establishments.

3) The Cap On Pourer ‘’What about me?  I run a mobile bar company, and pulling pour spouts on and off is really annoying!’’  Well fear not Mr Mobile Bartender, the Cap-on Pourer is the perfect solution for you.  If you tend private parties and events, putting the pour spouts in the bottles and then removing them at the end of the event is one more task you could live without.  Enter the Cap-on pourer.  Stick this spoutless wonder into the bottle, retain the bottle lid in a safe place, and at the end of the event simply stick the lid back on, leaving the pourer in place in the bottle.  Joy!  Another benefit is that the Cap-on Pourers are very cheap, meaning you won’t lose any sleep if the odd one is lost to the recycle bin, and whilst not the speediest of pourers, they are relatively accurate. 


4) The Whiskygate Pourers.  Looking for some retro cool?  Look no further than the Whiskygates!  These bad boys have been around since the 1940s, an ‘‘American bar service old timer’’ according to the manufacturer.  As well as looking the part, they are also non corrosive, so they can handle citrus and acidic drinks.  Available in red, green and blue for OCD colour coding!


5)  The Pistol Pourer. What’s not to like about the Pistol Pourer, the UKs first gold pourer!  Mixing a great deal of its own unique style with practicality, it has an attached cap to keep out those pesky flies.

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