Monday 7 September 2015

Top Tips for Branding Products

Branded products are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool for bars, restaurants and hotels, providing a great way to promote your brand or message to meet your business’ concept. Personalising your products has never been so easy, read our top tips to make sure your process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

1) Know what you want to print.
 Make sure you have a clear idea about what you want to print - have a logo, tagline or image and make sure that it doesn’t breach any terms of copyright, this will enable the printer to quickly provide you with a digital mock up, and avoids any confusion down the line.

Top tip! 

At the initial stage of enquiry a PDF or high resolution JPEG file of your image will enable the printer to put together a digital mock up for you, however at the time of printing you will need to provide a vector file. If you don’t have this type of file some printers may offer to put this together for you, however they will charge and this can increase the cost remarkably, so try and get it created in house where possible.

2) Know what products you want printed.
Make sure you know exactly what items you want branding, where the logo will be placed on the product, the size you want it and the quantity you want printed. It is important to know before hand that the surface of the product to be branded needs to be smooth, so cut glass and textured surfaces are a no no! 

Top tip! 

Many printers/ engravers have minimum order quantities, this means your order will have to meet this requirement otherwise you may have to pay an additional cost, or they may not be able to fulfil your order at all. It also sometimes works out cheaper that the larger the order, the cheaper the printing cost. If you are unsure how many items you want branding or are flexible with the amount, it is worth getting quoted for a larger and smaller quantity.

3) Know what type of branding you want. 
There are various ways you can brand products such as printing, engraving and embroidering. Make sure you know what you are looking for, as again, this will enable the printer to quote you quickly and accurately. You can print onto almost anything in a number of different colours. When looking at this option check your logo for the number of colours included, with some printers a pantone reference may be required, a pantone reference can also ensure the colours of your logo are met exactly.

Top tip! 

For glassware, polycarbonates and metals etch effect print is a great, cost-effective alternative to engraving and can be done relatively quickly.

4) Know your deadline date.
 It is advised to start the enquiry process 8-12 weeks before your deadline date depending on your printers, however it is always advised to check their lead times to get a realistic end date. It is always worth allowing extra time for artwork amendment and delivery delays as a ‘just in case’. 

Top tip! 

If you require your items printed sooner it is sometimes possible to get a rush order processed at an extra cost, this usually depends on the printers schedule however, so do double check with them first.                  

Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to help with your branding requirements on 0330 123 9191 or, or click here to find out more.

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