Wednesday 1 April 2015

Blue Roll to Dye Out?

EU Legislation Threatens Catering Traditions

The EU recently announced that they will be tightening up the rules on the use of artificial dyes in food preparation areas, and the major news for the catering industry is that this includes the blue dye used in blue roll. With the lack of suitable blue natural dyes available, the most likely scenario is that a compound found in red cabbage will be used, with the result that centrefeed roll will become purple. 

The Foods Standard Agency is currently discussing with its European colleagues as to the final outcome, with some saying that the Blunderberry, native to Denmark, has a slightly bluer tint under fluorescent lighting, and is more keeping with traditions.

Poland, the primary cultivator of cabbage in the EU, is strongly against this however, and argues that the new use of the red cabbage will offset the damage caused by Jamie Oliver when he announced its downgrade on the Vegetables Index.

Peter Van-Windup, the European Commissioner for Foodservice, said that he hoped the matter would shortly be resolved. We will of course keep you updated on the latest developments.

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