Thursday 8 August 2013

'Lost & Found' Cocktail Bar, Balham

Lost and Found Cocktail bar in Balham

Lost and Found Cocktail bar in Balham

As a member of the Marketing Team at Klaremont, I was tasked to create a Website feature about our new range of unique Cocktail Drinkware. Part of the brief included a location photo-shoot, so we could get some pictures of our products in the context of a bar environment. We decided to take a visit to the recently established ‘Lost & Found’ Cocktail Bar in Balham. I was really intrigued by the d├ęcor and layout of the bar - it has a mixture of modern furniture whilst combining a vintage look with its floral wallpaper and exciting back bar made of fruit and veg boxes, which is very on trend. Plus, they already stocked some of the items we wished to include in our feature, which made it ideal.

Lost and Found Cocktail bar in Balham, South London
The Guys at Lost & Found were fantastic. Not only did they let us bring along a selection of our own products, they kindly offered to make up some stunning cocktails, tailor made for each. Not being in the Mixology industry, it was easy (for me) to take for granted the level of time and effort required to make a cocktail. What amazed me was the passion and creativity that went into the drinks – each was a masterpiece in its own right. I was watching a skilled craftsman at work.


Cocktail making in a range of Drinkware from Klaremont


The result was more than I could have hoped for. We had an array of vibrant and aesthetically exciting cocktails, which complimented the Drinkware we were aiming to promote. Below are a few of the shots from Lost & Found. The finished article, entitled 'Unique Cocktail Drinkware' can be found on our website here.

An array of Cocktails in a range of Drinkware from Klaremont
Cocktails served in a range of Pewter vessels, from Klaremont

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By Shane Hanton 

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